Have a full featuredwebsite that the
your agency needs!

Have a full featuredwebsite that the
your agency needs!


The Personal Online Travel Agency (P.O.T.A.), was created so that your agency has the best in tourism technology and with the lowest investment in the market.


Your website P.O.T.A. It already comes loaded with fantastic itineraries and destinations ready for sale online.


The website address is the name of your agency! Layout and colors can be easily customized to highlight your brand identity, it is also possible to create unique banners in addition to the banners generated automatically by the platform itself.

Online sales

Sell your own itineraries, pre-registered itineraries, airline tickets, hotels, travel insurance and more!


There are up to 10 email accounts * with the agency domain, the site is integrated with social networks so you can easily share your products, newsletter registration, contact form, testimonials, the platform even has a blade generator for email marketing and more!

* The number and availability of email accounts depends on the plan you choose.



Your site works perfectly on desktop, mobile and tablet.

The best site for
your travel agency!

Sell your own itineraries, pre-registered itineraries, airline tickets, hotels, travel insurance and more!
Thousands of pre-registered itineraries
Your website P.O.T.A. It already comes loaded with fantastic itineraries and destinations ready for sale online.
Register your products and services
You can register your groups and any other service or script you wish.

*Option not available on all plans.

Online sale
With P.O.T.A. Your agency’s website can offer travel insurance, tours, transfers, tickets and more!
Airline tickets
Offer your customers the best national and international airline tickets.
More than 150,000 hotels
Its clients have available thousands of hotels in Brazil and abroad with very competitive prices.
Worldwide car rentals
Major car rental companies are present at P.O.T.A. – Finds, Avis and Budget.
E-mail marketing
The platform has a unique tool for generating email marketing blades with their packages.

P.O.T.A. contents

Your P.O.T.A. It is fed with various content that is available on the platform and ready for sale.

Operator Schultz, which has been working in the Brazilian Tourism sector for over 30 years, has a direct partnership with TZsystems and makes all its content available within its P.O.T.A.


Today, with more than 100 vehicles to consult, the Online Bus Station makes available to your P.O.T.A. the possibility of buying road tickets to over 4 thousand destinations.


Allows your P.O.T.A. have quotation and online purchase of foreign currency. Offers paper money from 18 different foreign currencies and prepaid cards under Visa and Mastercard.

Some agencies
using the P.O.T.A platform

With the Schultz platform, Viaje Rai Agency now has a website, carefully assembled by the Schultz support team, so we are very grateful! We note that after the agency began using P.O.T.A services, customers began to browse the site and search the agency further. It has been an opportunity to be together with customers, assisting in what they seek and achieve more sales with POTA. I also record the excellence of receptivity to the agency, regarding the operator’s service.

Rai Santana
Agência Viajerai

Alpha Viagens
We are very pleased with the POTA platform. For our company it is an important sales tool. Super updated technology, adapted to the needs of our agency, and the layout is very cool.

Luiz Fernando
Agência Alpha Viagens

Risco Zero Turismo
I would like to express my satisfaction with P.O.T.A Schultz. Now we have a modern, dynamic, easy to navigate website, and best of all! In addition to the always updated Schultz products, we have access to manage it in our own way, being able to insert the agency’s own products, in a practical and fast way. All this at a fair price, and support grade 10 !!!

Agência Risco Zero Turismo

Plans and Values

Economy package!
  • – Use your own domain
  • – Banner management by the agency itself
  • – Customization of website layout elements
  • – Tour guide content
  • – Resources for use in affiliate program
  • – Testimonial management
  • – Highlight management
  • – Email marketing blades generator
Best cost benefit.
  • – All Basic plan items
  • – Up to 5 email accounts
  • – Registration of own packages and services
Complete package!
  • – All Basic plan items
  • – All Advanced plan Items
  • – Creating custom APP for your agency

Try Out P.O.T.A.

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E-mail: contato@tzsystems.com.br

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